Their album and photography project, WÆNDE, is part of a personal reflection on their childhood and youth in the dreary landscape of Europe’s largest prefab estate Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, East Germany during the indistinct years in the 1980s to the 1990s:

“At least in the beginning, this building project was full of good intentions. But the 80s were the last decade of the communist-driven GDR and the endless grey blocks of cold concrete and steel now merely communicate an atmosphere of anonymity and oppression. Then again, this is where we had our daily lives with friends, school and holidays. And it was during this time when we started learning our instruments. After the ‘quiet’ revolution in 1989, the fall of the wall, and throughout the 90s, this area always kept an atmosphere of nervous departure and a vague feeling of melancholy. In order to pay equal respect to all the different aspects of this time, we decided to release our musical tribute as an anthology spread across the years to come. After the remembrance on our childhood during the 1980s, behind the iron curtain, with CONCRETE FIELDS, WÆNDE will be the next step following our impressions on the sudden demise of the wall in 1989, a year which brought so many changes. The project is dedicated to our dear parents Harald and Gabriele Selke and all their help, support and inspiration.” — CS

WÆNDE was written, performed and recorded by Sebastian and Daniel Selke at their very own Klingenthal Studio. Again, Martyn Heyne mixed and mastered the album at his beautiful Lichte Studio. The accompanying photographs by the brothers were taken with original cameras from the GDR era – assisted, digitalized and edited by photographer Anne Krausz. The single RECTANGLES was released on April 13, 2018.

The album was released in the form of CD, 12inch Vinyl and Digital on May 18, 2018 via Neue Meister.
Distributed digitally worldwide through Edel and published by Kick the Flame.