Thesis 17 w/ CEEYS (Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke) & CONSTANT PRESENCE (Peter Broderick, Daniel O’Sullivan)

in a time where everything closes you can get a beautiful inspiring handmade vinyl by the gifted hands of Gregory Euclide

The Thesis Project, now on its 17th release, has set about on uniting two different artists together to create limited, custom designed bodies of music. Uniquely crafted and designed by Gregory Euclide, each 10” jacket for THESIS 17 consists of laser cut-etched designs portraying brutalist architecture and atomic structures glued on top of airbrushed designs that use the homemade Black Walnut Ink that Euclide made himself from the trees on his property, then letter pressed with the THESIS logo. Each record is hand numbered in an edition of 300, and would be available on the second day Q3AMBIENTFEST, where it is also possible to get the record hand-signed by the artists. During the second day of the festival CONSTANT PRESENCE would have share the stage with CEEYS, for a unique performance that juxtaposes the notion of duality and harmony yet further, in a show that will combine professionalism with liveliness, method with lightness of touch, and efficacy with flexibility.

**Handmade from sheets of acid free Canson Fine Art Paper. Each Sleeve and Jacket is laser cut, folded, glued, airbrushed by artist/project owner Gregory Euclide. Hand numbered. Each album comes with Sleeve, Jacket, 10″ black vinyl and acrylic record sleeve.

While this astral release is closely linked to Q3Ambientfest, its title NOTHING SPECIAL is a tip of the hat to the wisdom teachings of Shunryu Suzuki (1905-1971) the most famous Soto Zen monk of the 20th century. He was the very first Zen master who gained popularity in the Western world for his teaching of Zen Buddhism outside of Japan: the Far East. Just smile!

Much Love
Sebastian & Daniel Selke,
Peter Broderick & Daniel O’Sullivan


Thank You:
Gregory Euclide,
Everyone at Kick The Flame Publishing,
Erased Tapes Records & Publishing,
Mute Song
and Jacqueline Halle!

Dedicated to Harald and Gabriele Selke.

For Alma Lucia *22.02.2019.
releases April 2, 2020

2020 (C) CEEYS, Sebastian and Daniel Selke &
CONSTANT PRESENCE, Peter Broderick and Daniel O’Sullivan

Design / Artwork: Gregory Euclide
Assistance: Gabor Kerekes

All music written and produced by CEEYS, Sebastian & Daniel Selke at Klingenthal Studio Potsdam and CONSTANT PRESENCE, Peter Broderick and Daniel O’Sullivan’ in their respective studios. While Sebastian Selke played on cello with effects and mono + kick lancet, Daniel Selke played on piano and pipe synthesiser with effects, while Peter Broderick talked, sang, played violin, piano and effects, Daniel O’Sullivan sang, played organ, synthesiser, clarinet, viola and effects.
Mastered by the gifted hands of Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio Berlin.