Their debut, THE GRUNEWALD CHURCH SESSION, is the first recording of the duo’s live setup in a church.

Cello and a Boesendorfer Imperial are the main components. A particularly special feature is the use of some original, restored electronic instruments made by GDR-based company Vermona back in the 70s and 80s. The tracks present the sensation of a sound-exploring performance in the inspiring atmosphere of an old ancient church.
It is a jam session orientated live album which feels like a sketchbook for their studio album CONCRETE FIELDS.

A subtle sense for narrative, cinematic moments pervades the whole album:

“Our studio album CONCRETE FIELDS will be a remembrance of our childhood growing up in Europe`s  largest prefab estate – Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, East Germany. In the last decade of the GDR the endless grey blocks of cold concrete, steel, and glass communicate only anonymity and oppression. On the other hand we started to learn our main instruments, the violoncello and the piano and we only dreamt of the day we could finally play chamber music together. Our first ever common classical concert we performed in a church. After the fall of the wall and during the 90s the region kept a blend of an edgy feeling of departure yet vague melancholy. We tried to capture this in some first sketchy compositions. Now, we are very thankful to present even those first ideas in understandable chronological release order as our debut and even in a musically authentic form of a live album right before our studio album: THE GRUNEWALD CHURCH SESSION.” – CS

THE GRUNEWALD CHURCH SESSION was written by Sebastian and Daniel Selke and recorded as one live-performance in the beginning of 2015 at the Grunewald Church in Berlin by Friedrich Stoermer. While he also mixed the session at Komet Studio it was mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio. The single OPAL GLASS was released on 22nd of April, 2016. The album THE GRUNEWALD CHURCH SESSION was released on May 27th, 2016 Digital via 1631 Recordings. Distributed digitally worldwide through Decca Publishing and Deutsche Grammophon.