The Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke have, throughout their career, been employing themes surrounding their Communist-era, East German heritage. On HAUSMUSIK, their fifth album to date, the award-winning duo brings that narrative a step forward with a double LP that explores the notions of balance and the search for harmony.

A direct follow-up to their collaboration THESIS 17 with Constant Presence, aka. Peter Broderick and Daniel O’Sullivan, released on Gregory Euclide’s legendary Thesis Project, HAUSMUSIK plays on the brothers’ unspoken, communicative melding of minds. It lifts their unmistakable style to new levels by forgoing the use of electronics, synthesisers, and effects, and moulding the sound using only the potential of their main instruments: cello and piano.

Packaged in minimalist experimental – yet catchy – improvisations between avant-garde and pop, HAUSMUSIK combines elements of both ambient and classical chamber music. It is a retreat into a pure acoustic world and stands for a serene yet modest dynamic mood.

“Growing up in the last decade of the former GDR, restrictions and the overcoming of material lack were our daily companions. The memories, impressions and feelings, the two sides of one medal – the Wall – help us to understand the present time a little better.”
– CS, Brothers Selke (October, 2020)

All music written and performed by CEEYS · Sebastian and Daniel Selke · Played on a cello from Klingenthal and a piano from Gotha. All songs recorded at their very own Klingenthal Studio, Potsdam · Mixed and mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio, Berlin. Lacquer cut by Lupo at Schnittstelle, Berlin.

All pieces were played in countless performances before · After selecting the pieces for the album, only two takes were recorded at Klingenthal Studio · Using original microphone technology of the GDR era and deliberately avoiding corrective edits, we listen only to the sensitivity of two players who have shared the stage for over 30 years – focused on their main instruments: cello and piano.

The album will be released in the form of 2 x 12inch Vinyl, 2 x CD and Digital on October 09, 2020 via Neue Meister.
Distributed digitally worldwide through Edel and published by Kick the Flame.