[Video Premiere]: CEEYS – “Fallen”

A new track from their upcoming album “Hausmusik” By Nicola Orlandino – July 24, 2020 6

CEEYS are the German instrumental duo comprised of two brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke who combine classical lines, electronic textures, experimental attitude and improvisation between avant-garde and pop. We introduced them with the album Concrete Fields and now they have announced the release of a new full-lenght called Hausmusik which will be out later this year.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “Fallen” which, according to the press release, lifts CEEYS’ unmistakable style to new levels by forgoing the use of electronics, synthesisers, and effects, and moulding the sound using only the potential of their main instruments: cello and piano.

The video for this outstanding instrumental track was created by the visual artist Emilia Zieser. She says: “The starting point of this work are dualisms: stillness and movement, construction and destruction, a closed window and an open one. It is about the tension between these two sides, which cannot be together. Working with physical materials such as graphite, charcoal and ink has created an unpredictability that also underlies the music. In the more than two hundred hand-painted pictures, a place comes to life which, like the music itself, cannot stand still, cannot remain calm and cannot be one.

Watch it below.