Supporting inspiring Poppy Ackroyd at Butley Priory

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An Evening with Poppy Ackroyd

Hello everyone, I’m absolutely thrilled to say that the amazing and wondrous composer and pianist @poppyackroyd is coming to play here in July!

Poppy is currently touring her amazingly beautiful new album RESOLVE. Classically trained on violin and piano, she makes music by manipulating and multi-tracking sounds from just these two instruments, and I assure you it will sound extra wonderful in the Great Hall here at Butley!  We will have the garden doors open for any birds that feel like accompanying the music, and champagne will be served before hand on the lawn. (There will also be tea for those who prefer!)

Here is a little about Poppy:

Her debut album ‘Escapement’ was released in December 2012 and a DVD – ‘Escapement Visualised’ – featuring bespoke visuals by Lumen for each track on the album, was released in September 2014.  ‘Feathers’, her second album, followed in November 2014, and builds on the concept behind her debut, with most of the sounds again coming from the violin and the piano, however this time the tracks also feature other keyboard and string instruments.  In 2017 she signed to Bjork’s label One Little Indian and released a mini album ‘Sketches’ in August. ‘Sketches’ is an acoustic solo piano album comprising of 10 tracks. Six of these are reworkings of tracks from ‘Escapement’ and ‘Feathers’, the other four are arrangements of new tracks from latest full album ‘Resolve’. Resolve is out now on One Little Indian Records (released 02.02.2018).

Find out more here

A N D  T H E N….
To add to the evening we are most honoured to also have two very talented musicians from Germany.The brothers who are CEEYS will play a short set of their piano and cello music to start us off.
Sebastian and Daniel Selke from Germany, also known as award-winning cello-piano duo CEEYS! Their latest albumWÆNDE was released on 18th May 2018 with a show at Funkhaus Berlin. WÆNDE is a personal testimony of their childhood in the dreary and monotonous landscape of Europe’s largest prefab estate Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, East Germany in 1989, follows a minimalistic approach of composition and improvisation. Shifting freely between avant-garde and pop, it combines elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music.

Its going to be gorgeous, plus there will be wine, and delicious vegan treats and canapés beforehand in the kitchen for you to help yourselves.

Tickets £20

Please email to book (please ask for offers on group bookings)
All profits will go as usual to Compassion in World Farming

With love, and hoping you can come!