Special Award at 4th International Poetry Film Festival, Vienna

Ceeys_Sebastian Selke_Daniel Selke_4th Intern Poetry Film Festival

We are so honoured to announce our Special Award for our movie and music project: “rilke überoffen” at the 4th International Poetry Film Festival, Vienna

X so much to the jury
Many thanks to Sigrun and Julia Höllrigl for support
People, we had three great day with lots fo fantastic poetry shorts. The festival donates 5 prizes.
The main award of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival goes to:
Guðrun Krebitz for the Film “Exomoon”
The Rilke Competition Special Award goes to:
Sebastian Selke and Daniel Selke for their interpretation “rilke überoffen”
the Honorable Mention goes to:
Andrea Capranico for “The Landcape Within”
The Hubert Sielecki Award for the best Austrian Poetry Film goes to:
Moritz Stieber “Die Tatsachen im Fall Waldemar”.
The OKTO audience award goes to:
Christian Heinbockel for his film “Lass uns von Liebe sprechen” (translated: Let´s speak about love).