Review by Drifting, Almost Falling

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by Drifting, Almost Falling

CEEYS are the brotherly duo of Daniel and Sebastian Selke on Piano and Cello respectively. Over the years they have been carving out their own part of the modern classical scene with releases on the 1631 Recordings, Oscarson and Neue Meister labels as well as curating the Q3Ambientfest. Their piece “Plans” has a rather raw, almost folky sound with the cello contributing to this feel with it’s earthy, scratchy, droney sound, while the piano feels somewhat wrapped in cotton wool. It is quite the contrast of sounds between raw and protected. The piece has an open feel, like it doesn’t necessary lead you in a particular direction or vein, instead it opens up possibilities of interpretations.“

“Mediterraneo” includes tracks by Philip G Anderson, Laura Masotto, Christine Ott, Jim Perkins, Fiona Brice – Music, CEEYS, Snowdrops, Lorenzo Masotto, Daniela Savoldi, Anna Yarbrough, Eleuteria, Cabeki, Glowworm, Luca Longobardi.

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