2. Edition: April 7 – 8 2018
1. Edition: April 8 – 9 2017

The Q3Ambientfest is the festival for experimental modern classical music in Potsdam, launched in 2017 and curated by Potsdam-based instrumental duo CEEYS and Dutch event label FLUISTER. The festival focus’ on the range of today’s contemporary composers in the neo-classical scene, and is dedicated to all open-minded music lovers. It takes place at the beginning of April in the inspiring artistic surrounds of the fabrik Potsdam near the world-famous film town Babelsberg.

Additionally, the festival aims to connect Potsdam’s diverse historic architecture, from neo-classical palaces to GDR “Plattenbaus”, with the music and work of the artists of this unique genre.
Q3A is the abbreviation for “Querwandbau” (cross-wall construction), a particular type of multi-story pre-fabricated building constructed in the GDR.