1. Edition: April 8 – 9 2017
2. Edition: April 6 – 8 2018

Consequently, the early influence of Bach, Beethoven and Debussy can be heard alongside the almost-forgotten compositions of East German based acts like Reinhard Lakomy, Wolfgang Paulke and Frank Fehse. There are echoes, too, of the likes of Arvo Pärt, Arthur Russell, Philip Glass, as well as contemporary musicians, including Greg Haines, Nils Frahm and Sarah Neufeld. In fact, it was musicians like these latter ones, and the brothers’ collaborations with similarly minded others – including Ólafur Arnalds, Carlos Cipa and Martyn Heyne (who also mixed and mastered Concrete Fields) – that inspired them to found the annual Q3Ambientfest, whose inaugural event took place in 2017.

Organised in partnership with Dutch company Fluister, the festival takes its name from the ‘Querwandbau’ – a.k.a. Q3A, or, in English, ‘cross-wall construction’ – which was a three to five storey prefabricated building constructed in the GDR during the 1950s and 1960s. It saw the brothers invite renowned acts such as Anne Müller, John Metcalfe, Martyn Heyne, Kinbrae, Sophie Hutchings and Midori Hirano to join them onstage in Potsdam as they investigated the link between experimental, contemporary classical music and the city’s diverse, historic architecture – from neo-classical palaces to East German ‘Plattenbauten’ – in yet another example of the kind of cross-pollination to which they are so often drawn.

Concerts in partnership w/ Q3Ambientfest:
Kosmoskonzerte w/ Rechenzentrum & Modellbahn Hauskonzerte
Archspace Concerts w/ 1631 Recordings & Marco Caricola
Modellbahn Hauskonzerte
Cinematic Ambient Concerts