Q3Ambientfest 4th Edition Apr 3rd-5th 2020

so delighted for sharing 🙂

next year Q3Ambientfest will celebrate the 4th edition
ticketing starts on Jan 2nd 2020

we never followed the idea of “big stages for known acts” or even small for so called “new comers”.
lots of musicians started developing as an artist at Q3Ambientfest.

we never made a rule how many female acts should be there but in fact there are 50% of all performing artists.

we love the approach without building borders.
we feel sorry about the nearly 400 recommended acts on our folders, but we promise someday you will be part of an edition to show your musical approach 🙂

since the beginning in 2017 the curators and organizers are two brothers, you know
Sebastian & Daniel Selke
but year by year our team sees lots of more music lovers in the different parts organizing this boutique fest.

take care to all of you. be friendly to your neighbours.
let us follow the idea growing an international family without borders in your mind and heart.

much love to all of you and an inspiring 2020
– funny year for 2 brothers.

line-up since 2017:
Midori Hirano (JP), Martyn Heyne (DE), John Metcalfe (US), Stefano Guzzetti (IT), Anne Müller (DE), Sophie Hutchings Music (AU) Ed Carlsen (IT), Illuminine (BE), Marina Baranova (UA), Takeshi Nishimoto (JP), Carlos Cipa (DE), Kinbrae (UK), Shinya Sugimoto (JP), Jeremy Young (US), Christoph Berg (DE), Andrea Belfi(IT), Lisa Morgenstern (DE), Enzo Caterino (IT), Paddy Mulcahy (IR), marco caricola (IT), Kelly Wyse (US), hania rani (PL), Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint (SE), Masayoshi Fujita (JP), Diane Barbee (FR), Oriel Quartett (UK), Clemens Christian Poetzsch (DE), AVA (UK), LAVALU (NE), Simon Goff (UK), Aidan Baker (CA), F.S. Blumm (DE), Marc Marcovic (DE), SOMA (RU), Snowdrops (FRA), Poppy Ackroyd (UK), Chikiss (BR), Pianofield (UK), Sergio Díaz De Rojas (PE), Simeon Walker (UK), Tobias Lichtmann (DE), Dirk Markham (DE), Oliver Hölcke (DE)