Sorprèn la llum de l’albada. El moment és “Focus”.
. Oláfur Árnalds: “They sink” (TOKiMONSTA remix)
. Roly Porter: “In system”
. Break of Reality: “Drift apart”
. Suso Saiz: “Con los ojos”
. Felix Rösch: “Becoming ocean”
. Four Tet: “Teenage birdsong” (Overmono remix)
. Anne Müller: “Drifting circles”
. Maggi Payne: “Gamelan”
. Eleuteria: “Theme from 7th Symphony”
. Ceeys: “Hiddensee”
. Toh Imago: “Schyste pyramide”
. John Metcalfe: “Above the ways of christal water”

x for this inspiring evening w/ Modellbahn Music presents – Pianonight im Mastul full of quiet listening audience

remembering Q3Ambientfest 2018 both performed their:

“I first met Kelly James Wyse, the founder of Modellbahn Music, at the Q3Ambientfest organised by the CEEYS brothers in Potsdam. Kelly & I shared the same piano at fabrik Potsdam on the 2nd day of the festival. He contacted me back in September to play at Mastul!” – Paddy Mulcahy

we love that natural way of gorwing family 🙂

there are no early birds anymore, get last tickets:

Unclassified by Elizabeth Alker BBC 3
Released On: 30 Jan 2020

“Music by CEEYS, that’s brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke who grow up in 1980s Berlin in those grey utalitarian Q3As prefab estates. And watching these GDR on reval during that time of division on rest and change, music was a common language a peaceful means of communication.

Well, their new album HIDDENSEE remembers adventures to new foreign places but it’s also to be to it’s name sake island. A wisful homage to that car free island of the baltic sea which was a popular holiday destination for east german tourists.

That track is called LEAVING WALLBOOK and HIDDENSEE is out now on NEUE MEISTER RECORDS.

And those guys also run a festival in Potsdam. It’s called Q3Ambientfest and it takes place in april.”

Elizabeth Alker with music by Mhairi Hall, Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang, and Roger & Brian Eno among tracks from Iceland to Australia, plus detuned pianos from Max de Wardener. There’s brand new ambient music by brothers Roger Eno and Brian Eno and by Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang – intriguingly titled Asphalt Lake. Australian composer Henry Reese brings a very personal response to the country’s recent bushfires heard through its colonial and environmental history. And there’s a huge range of instruments in new tracks from Scotland: Mhairi Hall’s piano in her track St Kilda, fiddle and harmonium with Aidan O’Rourke and Kit Downes, and everything from harp to euphonium from Andrew Wasylyk.


CEEYS – Leaving Wallbook
Mhairi Hall – St Kilda
Aidan O’Rourke – Jack is leaning out of his window
Roger Eno & Brian Eno – Celeste
Ingrid Plum – Dulme Water
Four Tet – Baby
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Virðulegu Forsetar: Part 1.3
Max de Wardener – Star Song
Lite Fails (Henry Reese) – Fire Season
Andrew Wasylyk – Greendrive #2
Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang – Asphalt Lake

Amanda Bloom (AU), Christopher Sky (US), Chantal Acda (NL), Resina (PL), Anne Müller (DE), Lau Nau (FI), Rauelsson (ES), Constant Presence / Peter Broderick, Daniel O’ Sullivan (US), Tobias Lichtmann (DE), Marie Awadis (AR), Sleepland / Kengo Yonemura (JP), Ell Kendall (UK), Vaghy (HU), Mara Simpson (UK), Simeon Walker (UK), Diane Barbé (FR), Chizu Kimura (JP), Hoshiko Yamane (JP), Khyaam Haque (US),