delighted to share w/ you our tune PLANS on Apple Music “Minimalism”

released by Lady Blunt Records
saving the Mediterranean Sea
Marevivo Onlus , Mediterranea Saving Humans

“Plans” by CEEYS is a wonderful track part of our collection “Mediterraneo” and it was included in a beautiful Apple Music playlist called “Minimalism” 🙏🏼🌊⠀

All proceeds coming from the Collection are donated to two NGOs engaged in the Mediterranean Sea ~ Marevivo Onlus & Mediterranea Saving Humans

Happy to share w/ you our rework of

‘Something Has Changed’

It’s a song by Peter Broderick from the album ‘Float’ originally released on Type Records.

Reworked and performed by CEEYS, Selke Brothers. Recorded and mixed by CEEYS, Sebastian and Daniel Selke at Klingenthal Studio, Potsdam.

Mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto, Dusseldorf.

This rework is part of a collection of pieces by contemporary composers, reworked and performed by CEEYS, Selke Brothers.

only 2 days left for this inspiring release on 7K delighted to be part w/ our tune NOVEMBER

Hior Chronik which has been premiered by Headphone Commute

Simon Goff Echo Collective Laura Masotto Himmelsrandt Vito Gatto Aaron Martin “The works are modern classical in nature with a barely noticeable crossover to the electronic ambient world, featuring textures and treatments to carry the voices of the stringed instruments.”

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(Thesis Project, 2020)


here is a little review from our Thesis 17
release together w/ beloved American songsmith Peter Broderick and sound magician Daniel O’Sullivan also known as Constant Presence on Gregory Euclide’s Thesis Project. This was also featured on Rockerilla Magazine.

Thanks to Raffaello and all italian supporters in these unclear times.

Much Love
Selke Brothers

Il duo cameristico dei fratelli Sebastian e Daniel Selke e quello di recente costituzione tra Peter Broderick e Daniel O´Sullivan (Grumbling Fur, Guapo) si incontrano, per ora virtualmente, in due lunghe tracce che avrebbero dovuto fare da premessa a un’esibizione berlinese nell’ambito della quarta edizione della Q3Ambientfest.

Rinviato l’evento a causa delle attuali contingenze, resta intanto la testimonianza di poco oltre venti minuti di musica, realizzati per la limitata serie di Thesis, nei quali i quattro musicisti sperimentano intersezioni mai banali tra musica da camera e manipolazioni droniche, sempre e comunque oltre i canoni.

(pubblicato su Rockerilla n. 477, maggio 2020)


To celebrate its first year of existence, Lady Blunt Records commissioned 15 artists to create a composition dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea. The result is a collection presenting a broad spectrum of (neo-classical) music. “From solo piano to strings, passing through electronics, ondes martenot, kalimba and experimental guitar. The musicians have composed pieces that are rich in emotional depth, with evocative, melancholy tones, sometimes dramatic, sometimes positively heartening. It is a genuine auditory immersion in the depths of contemporary instrumental music.”

The list of artists includes names like Laura Masotto, Christine Ott, Jim Perkins, Fiona Brice, Ceeys, Snowdrops, as well as some less familiar names (to me): Philip G. Anderson, Daniela Savoldi, Anna Yarbrough, Eleuteria, Cabeki, Glowworm and Luca Longobardi.

Mediterraneo is a tribute to a sea that suffers, that is now the scene of profound human and ecological drama. For this reason, all proceeds from the project will be donated to two Italian NGOs involved in the Mediterranean Sea, both on the environmental side (MareVivo Onlus) and the humanitarian side (Mediterranea, Saving Humans).”

Mediterraneo is a showcase of contemporary neo-classical music as well as a great introduction (if needed) to the Italian Lady Blunt label. And, if that is not enough, buying the album also supports two great causes, environmental and humanitarian.