Tim Linghaus_Recordings“Two days ago sebastian selke, member of the wonderful CEEYS, visited me in my kitchen and we recorded cello for a few tracks for my upcoming album coming in autumn/winter on Moderna Records. this session was extremely nice. everything went so smoothly well, it was a bit scary 🙂. you can see us chatting about recording in ableton in the picture taken by the lovely jacqueline halle.

after the sessions we had some quality time with pizza and the north sea. i am so thankful for this and very excited about the outcome. stay tuned for more information on the process of the album production.


‘Treblinka, Poland 2 August 1943’ is a song by The eye of time from the Denovali Records released album ‘Acoustic’.
Marc Euvrie
Reworked and performed by CEEYS.
Recorded and mixed by Francesco and Antonio at Vox-Ton Studio Berlin.

The Eye Of Time – Treblinka (Ceeys Rework)_Cover

“On August 2, 1943, the Committee launched their revolt. The prisoners seized weapons from the SS storeroom, attacked the German and Ukrainian guards, and set some of the buildings ablaze. Unconcerned with their own safety, the resistance leaders fought bravely to aid the escape of the inmates. Under gunfire from the watchtowers, many prisoners broke through the camp’s barbed-wire fences.

Of an estimated 300 inmates who escaped from Treblinka that day, about 100 survived the massive SS manhunt. Most of the Committee’s members, including Galewski, Bloch, and Kurland, perished during the uprising. Jankiel Wiernik escaped his captors and found shelter with a righteous Pole. The following year, with the assistance of Jewish underground leaders in Warsaw, he secretly published his memoirs of Treblinka and of the bold camp uprising, which were then smuggled to England and the United States. Wiernik died in Israel in 1972.”

Greg Haines – Snow Airport
Lambert – The edge off
Kinbrae – Isolated Sketch
Alice Bacher – Kreisreise in progress xx
Andrea Belfi – Oggetti Creano Forme
CEEYS – Concrete Field
Hauschka – Late Summer
Anne Müller – Drifting Circles
Sergio de Rojas – Paris
CEEYS – Without Shelter
Ben Lukas Boysen – Nocturne 2
Library Tapes – Silhouettes
Nils Frahm – Über
John Kameel Farah – Calling (of the Sea)
CEEYS – Rueber
Marco Caricola – Bright Star
Sarah Neufeld – Where The Light Comes In

Swayed Radio Logo


SWAYED 06 [28-05-17]
from 33’10 to 37’50

Conducido por Diego Meneses a.k.a Dreams on Board
Segmento de música neo clásica a cargo de www.pianoandcoffee.com


  1. Jonquil – Parasol
    2. Arutani – Mar De La Eternidad
    3. Mateo Kingman – Sendero Del Monte
    4. Dead Heat – The Dam
    5. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream
    6. Ed Carlsen – Loom
    7. Ceeys – Lumen
    8. Kiasmos – Looped
    9. Finn. – Electrify
    10. Lali Puna – Together In Electric Dreams
    11. Christian Loeffler – Athete
    12. Arca – Fugaces

The Q3Ambientfest is the festival for experimental modern classical music, launched in 2017 and curated by Potsdam-based instrumental duo CEEYS and Dutch event label FLUISTER.
The festival focus’ on the range of today’s contemporary composers in the neo-classical scene, and is dedicated to all open-minded music lovers.

Filmed by doremi
Edited by Daniel Selke