After exactly twenty-eight years and three months, the wall was gone from one moment to the next. While the song is a reminder of that very fall, it also worships the most colourful time of year just after the summer and before the long period of winter. For this track, we focus once again on the sublime relationship between our main instruments cello and piano in pattern mode with chopping quavers and semiquavers.
inspired by the song ‘Traffic’, originally included on ‘The Grunewald Church Session’

CEEYS – WÆNDE (Fall) from CEEYS on Vimeo.

This year Q3Ambientfest follows the idea to show a lot of acts from avant garde to pop.
since 2017 we are so delighted that nearly 50% of all the inspiring artists are women from all over the world.

since 2017:
Midori Hirano (JP)
Anne Müller (DE)
Sophie Hutchings Music (AU)
Marina Baranova (RU)
Lisa Morgenstern (DE/BU)
hania rani (PL)
Vargkvint (SE)
Diane Barbé (FR)
Oriel Quartett (UK)
tbc …

so stay tuned for the next announcements and support the boutique fest :)

Tickets: https://fabrikpotsdam-gutscheine.reservix.de/p/reservix/group/294960?fbclid=IwAR2stzZwLwJGqv0wvL-swrllPyUe5XREPgDLXexr_JVx6EfqtvY4vh_dwMo


While Daniel is playing a revived Vermona string machine from 1978, Sebastian is improvising on cello. We produced the string machine’s distinctive deep tremolo repetitions with a contemporary analogue Vermona multieffect. Listen closely to all the different tones of grey.
previously unreleased

CEEYS – WÆNDE (Greys) from CEEYS on Vimeo.

Eichenthal 302

Following our ‘Neighbour’ duology, we remember those people hiding out underground in a fallout shelter near the small East German town Eichenthal while all those fundamental changes took place on the surface. Nowadays, Bunker 302 serves as a museum. Listen to the different facets of this dark tremolo and delay on the cello and the anticipating rolling thunder in the piano.
previously unreleased

CEEYS – WÆNDE (Eichenthal 302) from CEEYS on Vimeo.