CEEYS –  Rueber (Rueber SP/Concrete Fields LP)
CEEYS –  Based II (Based II SP/Concrete Fields LP)
CEEYS –  Opal Glass (The Grunewald Church Session mLP)
CEEYS –  Angles (The Grunewald Church Session mLP)
CEEYS –  Traffic (The Grunewald Church Session mLP)
CEEYS –  Hover, over, me (Concrete Fields LP)
CEEYS –  Without Shelter (Concrete Fields LP)
CEEYS –  Rueber (BUG LOVER rmx) (Rueber 3 Remixed EP)
ÓLAFUR ARNALDS & NILS FRAHM –  Four (CEEYS rmx) (unreleased)
CEEYS –  Union (‎Wænde LP)
CEEYS –  Neighbour II (‎Wænde LP)
CEEYS –  Greys (‎Wænde LP)
CEEYS –  Zanzibar (Zanzibar SP/‎Wænde LP)
CEEYS –  Helikopter (Helikopter SP/Hiddensee LP)
CEEYS –  Lost and found (Hiddensee LP)
CEEYS –  Solar Sunny (Hiddensee LP)
CEEYS –  Wanda (Hiddensee LP)

RADIO 1 is the oldest private radio station broadcasting in the Czech Republic. Officially established in the Spring of 1991, RADIO 1 actually began broadcasting in the autumn of 1990 as a pirate radio station. The station was situated inside the pedestal of the former Stalin Monument as a part of the Totalitarian Zone exhibition.

Despite being met with an enthusiastic and appreciative response a broadcasting equipment was confiscated by the government several days after supporting the continuation of broadcasting and against State’s monopoly of radio and television on broadcasting, it was signed by 30.000 people. In February 1991 the equipment was returned and RADIO 1 began to broadcast under its current name. It was the first independent privately owned radio station in the republic.

The difference between RADIO 1 and other commercial radio stations is in its music program. Rather than concetrainingon the usual hitparades, top 40s, and golden oldies RADIO 1 focuses its attention on more serious work, specifically on alternative, independent music of all styles (electronic, rock, jazz, reggae, ambient etc.). The most important thing for all the people from Radio 1 is to spread quality music.

During many years of existence RADIO 1 has become an important cultural phenomenon. By not being affraid of being different and by exposing a whole new generation of artists (painters, authors, musicians etc.)

Having 30 special shows (foreign and Czech and Slovak Radio 1 chart, shows about films, books, new music, forgotten music etc.) which inform about the alternative side of culture (not showbusiness), Radio 1 is a unique radiostation not only in Czech Republic, but in the whole Central Europe.

Alrighty! We’re back on top of our game charting the newest releases and freshest finds from the sonic garden of experimental delight. Here’s some of my favourites with lots of haunting spaciousness, a solid amount of warm tape hiss and glistening melodies to ease the tired mind. Thanks for joining me on another wander into wonder.

Hipnotic Earth – Slow Light (from.. Extended Savasana – Desert Trax – 2019)
Alaskan Tapes – Where They Lay (from.. Millions – 2019)
Ocean in a bottle – A Simple Case: I’m sorry… Looking at the Moon (5 in 5 Series – Silber Records – 2019)
Michael Gordon – Docile (from.. Horizon – 2019 – Polar Seas Recordings)
Carlo Giustini – Aniene (from.. Le Voci Dal Balcone – 2019 – ACR)
Sven Laux – ODD IV (from. ODD – 2019 – Whitelabrecs)
Mi Cosa de Resistance – Seen through the Storm (from.. 6 Postcards of a Shipwreck – 2018)
Justin Bays – The Farrier’s Gambit (from.. Empress – 2018)
Slowburner – Shifts in Melody (from.. Sunday Mornings are for Piano – 2019)

Hymns57 – Hope Drone (from.. Peyote Road Burn – 2019)
Nonconnah – That Same Summer, Dragging a Different Lake (from.. Seek Not Your Fortune Outtakes 2015-2018 – 2019)
Alex Twomey – Driving Home (from.. The Entertainer – 2019 – Recital)
CEEYS – Horizont (from.. Hiddensee – 2019 – Neue Meister)
Lambert – Mars (from.. Alone – 2019)
Daigo Hanada – Ouka (from.. Ouka – 2019 – Moderna Records)
Lilien Rosarian – moss hugs all walls (from.. a day in bel bruit – 2019)
Phase Conductor – Al’s Trail (from.. Night Transit – 2019)
HEDIA – Chandelier (Dream) (from.. Wool – 2014 – Unknown Tone Records)

*archives should be up any moment at:…

*Photo courtesy of Alex Twomey’s haunting and magical cover for his recent release The Entertainer out on Recital Program

X so much Alex Ruder and KEXP for taking the tune “Wanda” from the actual album HIDDENSEE 🙂

Stream the show at your own convenience anytime before July 7th from here 🙂

Playlist: Pacific Notions ~ June 23rd 2019
6:02 Carmen Villain – I Could Sit Here All Day [Both Lines Will Be Blue, Smalltown Supersound]
6:09 The American Dream – Dreamscape [Sleep Sequence Vol. 1, Yesh Music]
6:11 Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail – Stay [Borders, Quiet Arch]
—-air break—-
6:20 Danny Paul Grody – Sunrise, Looking East [Sunrise, Looking East, Longform Editions]
6:33 John Hayes – Follow (Phillip G. Anderson Rework) [By The Woods (Reworks), Sonder House]
6:36 Rayons – Mission and Destiny [Sagrada Reset, flau]
6:38 Olof Cornéer – Waves, Breaths & Dead Cities Part 1 [Waves, Breaths & Dead Cities, bigo & twigetti]
6:43 Echo Collective – Like Spinning Plates (Niklas Paschburg Rework) [Amnesiac Reworks Vol. 2, 7K!]
—-air break—-
6:51 Burial – State Forest [Claustro b/w State Forest, Hyperdub]
6:58 Dalila Delarosa – Childhood [Save Light, Unline]
7:03 CEEYS – Wanda [Hiddensee, Neue Meister]
7:05 Trevor Ransom – In An Old Day [Driven, Yen]
7:10 A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos XI [Atomos, Erased Tapes/Kranky]
—-air break—-
7:21 Julian Zyklus – The peace on the earth [Four Dimensional Waves, Hush Hush]
7:26 Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash – The Sea In Your Eyes [Postcards From Nowhere, Melody As Truth]
7:28 Andrei Machado – Íris [Vazio, self-released]
7:32 Emily A. Sprague – Synth 1 [Water Memory / Mount Vision, RVNG Intl.]
7:39 Imaginary Softwoods – The Path of Anxinite [Gold Fiction Loop Garden, Field]
—-air break—-
7:50 Duster – Want No Light To Shine [1975, Up]
7:56 anthéne – Layover [Lost Channel, Archives]
7:59 Lena Raine – Aurora [Oneknowing, Local Action]
8:04 tov – rolling hymn [anxious pangs, self-released]
8:08 Singto Conley – Gardenheart [Daybreak, self-released
—-air break—-
8:14 Olivia Belli – Full Moon [Four Moons, self-released]
8:19 v e n n – Little Sunrise (feat. Treman) [Phases, Sonder House]
8:22 Drombeg – The White Raven [V/A: Thesis Drive 2/3, Thesis]
8:31 The Humble Bee & Offthesky – A Wonder [All Other Voices Gone, Only Yours Remains, IIKKI]
8:36 Alex Twomey – Red Zone [The Entertainer, Recital]
8:40 glacis – If It Never Rained Again [Transcend, 22.16.04]
—-air break—-
8:50 SUSS – Canyonlands (Return To Wichita) [Ghost Box, Northern Spy]
8:55 43 Odes – Gryvk [43 Odes, Eiderdown]

it’s really time ago that we met Paula Fürstenberg first time. we did a show together for her book presentation “Familie der geflügelten Tiger” at fabrik Potsdam.
now we meet again at beautiful Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia
stay tuned, meeting you all there 🙂

it’s really time ago that we met Paula Fürstenberg first time. we did a show together for her book presentation “Familie der geflügelten Tiger” at fabrik Potsdam.

now we meet again at beautiful Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia

photo by Roman Koblov