Great evening concert w/ Anita Twarowska (dance performance).
X Anton and Stadtmitte für Alle
Our live visuals of our home space on this big screen near to the origin FH building and Anita made the music into alterations
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BAFTA-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic artist Ólafur Arnalds creates and curates a select quartet of unique string players performing to his very individualistic, inspiring and haunting aesthetic. As part of Spitfire’s Evo Grid series offering composers, producers and songwriters instant inspiration and that ever elusive creative edge. Recorded in the ultra cool surrounds of Voxton studios Berlin, Ólafur’s hand picked quartet features the talents of multi instrumentalist, composer, and oft co-collaborator Viktor Orri Árnason alongside the searing talents of cellist Sebastian Selke.


Part of the Evo Grid Series
Over 3,600 samples
31.4 GB of uncompressed .wav
15.2 GB of disk space required
30.4 GB of disk space required during install
Full version of KONTAKT required

The Stillness and the dancing
“Sometimes a show feels a bit patchwork but when it all plays out forms something lovely and altogether unexpected. Here’s where the show took us. A few highlights from new and delightful music emerging from all over the globe. See you next week, sweet friends.

-hour 1-
Wil Bolton – Night Paths (From.. Night Paths – 2017)
Valiska – Softness (From.. On Pause – 2017)
Christine Bougie – (Rao) (From.. SLOW Volumes: ONE – 2016)
Le Berger – At Ease (A Somewhat Perceptible Transition – 2017)
Field Rotation – When the Clouds Clear (From.. Why Things Are Different – 2010/2017)
Christoph Berg – Conversations (from – Conversations – 2017)
Christoph Berg – Poems Written by an Old (Prepared) Piano (From.. Paraphrases – 2012)
CEEYS – Based (From.. Concrete Fields – 2017)
Rhian Sheehan – Waiting at the Airport (2017 Single)

-hour 2-
Alaskan Tapes – Blue, In Script (From.. In Distance We’re Losing – 2017)
James Bunton – ITAI – Part 1 (From.. ITAI – 2014)
Haco – Tidal (From.. Qoosui – 2017)
Hammock – This Is Not Enough (From.. Mysterium – 2017)
Balmorhea – Sky Could Undress (From.. Clear Language – 2017)
The American Dollar – Carousel (From.. Carousel – 2017)
The Sly and Unseen – Once a Moment (From.. The Crossley Heritage – 2016)
Paddy Mulcahy – Brother Walks In (From.. The Words She Said – 2017)
Yousei Suzuki – The Deep shadow of Summer (From.. The Scene From a Frame – 2013)
Ólafur Arnalds – 1440 (From.. 10th Anniversary Remaster – 2017)

*Photo from Christoph Berg’s ‘Paraphrases’ on Facture/Fluid Audio”