The brothers Sebastian and Daniel grew up during critical times – back in the 1980s when the former GDR was slowly starting to dissolve – in the far east of Berlin-Hellersdorf. The newly built prefab estates that marked this area were named with different types. Q3A was short for “Querwandtyp Nr. 3, Variante A” (Cross-Wall Construction Type No. 3, Version A).

There are two photographs accompanying this record: one can already be seen through the window in the record’s cover, showing a view from the balcony to the street. On a second one on the inside, two children are playing in the courtyard.

Both images were taken by their parents Harald and Gabriele.

Here Sebastian and Daniel learned cello and piano from an early age. Along with their classical training, their interest in contemporary ideas started to grow. In search for a shared musical language, the longtime-collaboration CEEYS was born – inspired by the terms “violoncelle“ and “keys“ from French and English music.

The EP is a first in more than one sense: with “An Daniel” (to Daniel), the A-side marks Sebastian’s first solo piece ever to be released under his own name. Apart from his Klingenthal cello, which he only recently added to his setup, he for the first time uses handmade analogue kick and bass synthesisers from Erlbach. The never-ending repeats of the hard left and right panned ping-pong delay, which runs in triplets and through a synced analogue filter – once more expresses the joy that Sebastian finds in experimenting with dualism. Daniel, on the B-side, is playing his restored childhood upright in his debut “For Sebastian”, combining it with a heavily altered, organic drone synthesiser. This instrument was designed by a radio engineer and musician from the Ukraine.

The simple but intense tonality of Sebastian’s intro recalls Johann Sebastian Bach‘s cello suites – emerging figures, permanently driven by an arpeggio played over all four strings – merge with Daniel’s seemingly observant conversation between piano and synthesizer with its incessant, threatening tremolo. This ultimately allows for a dialogue between their original instruments cello and piano, coming together in a volute to reveal something utterly moving and beautiful – a third piece is revealed when the two tracks are layered.

Q3A is already the second project to be recorded and mixed live at their very own KLINGENTHAL STUDIO. The record was given into the gifted hands of Martyn Heyne, who mastered the record at his boutique Lichte Studio in Berlin.

The album was released in the form of a limited 7″ LP and via Download on March 29, 2019 by Oscarson.