“Mediterraneo” w/ CEEYS by Lady Blunt Records

“Today is the day”

so happy and delighted to be part of this collaboration album. out now

if you pronounce CEEYS the right way and remember our album HIDDENSEE you know why this dedication to the MEDITERRANEAN SEE is more than music.
its to be part of sth above.

“Mediterraneo is a tribute to a sea that suffers, that is now the scene of profound human and ecological drama. For this reason, all proceeds from the project will be donated to two Italian NGOs involved in the Mediterranean Sea, both on the environmental side (MareVivo Onlus) and the humanitarian side (Mediterranea, Saving Humans).

Support music, save human lives, help the sea.” Lady Blunt Records

The Collection includes music by: Philip G Anderson, Laura Masotto, Christine Ott, Jim Perkins, Fiona Brice – Music, CEEYS, Snowdrops, Lorenzo Masotto, Daniela Savoldi, Anna Yarbrough, Eleuteria, Cabeki, Glowworm, Luca Longobardi.