Reunion (Official Music Video)

‘Hausmusik’ is available worldwide on October 9th 2020.
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Performance by Brígida and Letícia Conduto, Portugal.
Directed by Ana Monteiro, Portugal 2020.

Music written and performed by CEEYS, Brothers Selke.
Recorded by Sebastian and Daniel Selke at Klingenthal Studio, Potsdam.

Mixed and mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio, Berlin.
Copyright © 2020 Neue Meister.

The 5th album of the award-winning duo CEEYS – HAUSMUSIK – is about searching and finding the balance.

Now here is a music video by Ana Monteiro:

“Reunion’s music video marks the start of a healing process. The director, Ana Monteiro, chose the natural beauty of Loulé, to evoke a sense of calm, steadiness and meditation. The performance of sisters Brígida and Letícia Conduto brings forth questions and a sense of wonder. The water serves as a reflection for the search we are all going through: of a sense of normalcy, of home, of touch, of Nature and, most of all, of ourselves.

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inspired by the song “Union“, included on WÆNDE, previously unreleased

If one also connects a “reunion” with the re-forming of a previously separated music group, we remember the reunification of the two German states 30 years ago. To this end, we have extended our title “Union” a little further. · ·