Horizont (Live at CCOP Auditório)

‘Hiddensee’ is available worldwide on June 14th 2019.
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Filmed and directed by Joao Maya at CCOP Auditório, Porto.
Music written and performed by CEEYS, Brothers Selke.
Copyright © 2019 Neue Meister.

The fourth album and photography project of renowned duo CEEYS is dedicated to their nostalgic memories of their childhood eldorado – the island HIDDENSEE.

Now here is live footage from the performance at CCOP Auditório.

inspired by the song “Rectangles“, included on WÆNDE, previously unreleased

The song “Hinterm Horizont geht’s weiter” – translating to “On We Go Beyond the Horizon” – was raising hope from the mid-1980s onwards until this gentle glimmer became reality in 1989… and everyone had to decide for themselves where to go next – beyond the horizon. In addition to the echo effect, an edgy rhythm can be heard in our “Horizon” – triggered by the cello through a sequenced filter and carried by an almost melancholic kick drum. Many were simply overwhelmed by those new possibilities that seemed like an experiment, and many people from the east felt they had become test objects as much as tested objects, they felt betrayed and lost. Today we not only know that they were right in feeling so but also that this was, sadly, a necessary part of the reunification: IMMER WEITER! (On we go!)

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