Sagres (Official Music Video)

‘Hiddensee’ is available worldwide on June 14th 2019.
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Filmed by Harald & Gabriele Selke, Hiddensee 1986.
Directed by Louise Ernandez & Irwin Barbé.

Music written and performed by CEEYS, Brothers Selke.
Recorded by Sebastian and Daniel Selke at Klingenthal Studio, Potsdam.

Mixed by CEEYS, Selke Brothers.
Re-recorded by Antonio Pulli at Saal 3 Funkhaus, Berlin.
Mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio, Berlin.
Copyright © 2019 Neue Meister.

The fourth album and photography project of renowned duo CEEYS is dedicated to their nostalgic memories of their childhood eldorado – the island HIDDENSEE.

The Special Edition on 100 vinyls will be released including a serigraphed collection of 12 postcards – matching the number of tracks on this album. These cards were produced with a risograph and show the island Hiddensee as depicted in a home video from 1986. While the video was shot on an original AG8 hand camera from the former CSSR, the risograph prints from Japan are environmentally friendly.

Now here is a music video with more original footage in preparation for the full album visualization.

previously released as a single

In 1996, we travelled to the land of Prince Henry the Navigator. Just like the destinations Algarve, Setubal, Lagos, Albufeira and Lisbon, the family was drawn to the furthest part of South-Western Europe – to Sagres. In previous centuries, this place – due to it exposed location – served as a point of departure for many sea voyages into the unknown and, eventually, the New World. A secret treasure in the 1980s and 1990s for individualists, dropouts and those in need of relaxation, huge building projects started to emerge from 1998 on, which resulted in many hotels and accommodations adapting to the nature around them. The track is driven by swaying cello duplets, multiplied by echoes. They bestow the song with an all-natural pulse of its own and bring to mind gentle waves over a deep sea. It seems as if we were drifting among the harmonious vastness of the Atlantic blue all by ourselves. The cliff and its roaring surge in sight – where waves break into foam on bizzare cliffs – Daniel on the piano follows a distant call, both contemplating and with delicately syncopated figures: AHOI! · ·