Hiddensee (Official Music Video)

Filmed by Harald & Gabriele Selke, Hiddensee 1986
Directed by Louise Ernandez & Irwin Barbé

Music written and performed by CEEYS, Sebastian & Daniel Selke
Copyright © 2019 Neue Meister

The fourth album and photography project of renowned duo CEEYS is dedicated to their nostalgic memories of their childhood eldorado – the island HIDDENSEE.

Now here is a music video with more original footage in preparation for the full album visualization.

inspired by the song “Zanzibar“, included on WÆNDE, previously released as a single

We saved the title track for the end of the record this time – just as the final years of the 1990s put an end to our extensive travels. Equipped with a vast collection of impressions, we return(ed) to the very place that, already during GDR-times, inspired us to write wonderful school assignments on the subject of: “My favourite holiday experience”. The word “Hiddensee” bears a multitude of different meanings for us. We remember a unique island in the northeast of Germany – both resort and retreat of the former GDR where celebrities vacationed next to high-level politicians in tiny houses with thatched roofs and day trippers met those planning their escape – natural beauty and historical contradictions on not more than 19 square meters. Just as in “Zanzibar,” the last track of WÆNDE, we use a delayed triple echo as well as an accessible but tranquil and harmonic cadence shifting between cello and piano. All lovers of puns will notice the treasure that can be found here – HIDDEN-SEE combines the contrasting English words “hidden” and “see”. With the last track of this record also comes the end of our journey. Of course, getting back to our everyday lives always left us a little sad. Yet we were looking forward to our return back home as it also meant we would be seeing our instruments again soon – and with it, our favourite pastime outside school: HAUSMUSIK! (Not House but Family music for the home!)