Helikopter (Official Music Video)

Filmed by Harald & Gabriele Selke, Hiddensee 1986
Directed by Louise Ernandez & Irwin Barbé

Music written and performed by CEEYS, Sebastian & Daniel Selke
Copyright © 2019 Neue Meister

The fourth album and photography project of renowned duo CEEYS is dedicated to their nostalgic memories of their childhood eldorado – the island HIDDENSEE.

Now here is a music video with more original footage in preparation for the full album visualization.

inspired by the song “Rueber“, included on CONCRETE FIELDS, previously released as a single

We had visited southwestern Portugal and Prince Henry the Navigator – we went on beyond the horizon – and our family was following in the footsteps of explorer Christopher Columbus, who after the Bahamas and Cuba set eyes on his Hispaniola, better known today as the Dominican Republic! One of our most exciting overseas travels after the reunification took place in the mid-1990s when we visited Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic – or, as one could say, from the former German Democratic to the Dominican Republic. The concept of all-inclusive tours was completely new to us back then but we gladly embraced it as a way to fulfill the dream of sunshine, palm trees and cocktails. When we eventually arrived at the beach, – on pre-designated sun loungers, guava juice and bananas in both hands – we were suddenly exposed to a fast-approaching rumbling noise: out of thin air, armed combat helicopters were raging above us towards Haiti – as we found out later on, a civil war was taking place in the second part of the otherwise peaceful and idyllic island. Reality had caught up with the serenity of the alleged paradise. For us, the event was a crucial experience that brought awareness for the world around us. Rather low in the beginning, Daniel is gradually approaching with his quavering Lyra, eventually transforming into a texture that recalls the sound of rotor blades. Always accompanied by bass and kick drum, the huge explosion is hard to foresee until Sebastian as well starts to follow the hypnotic rhythm, at first in duplets, later in semiquavers: UN CÓCTEL POR FAVOR!