Early bird ticket for TRAURIG UND UNTANZBAR Kantine am Berghain


Brought to you by: Tobias Lichtmann

Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol. 2

From Sadness To Madness In Just One Night

Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol. 2
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Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol. 2:
One night – four artists – one live-trip from sadness to madness.

=> Killawatt
=> Subheim
=> Aseret & Or Sarfati

From DARK AMBIENT to HARSH TECHNO! What the night will bring:
Aseret’s drone-based, organic ambient experimentations will kick it off, enhanced by Or Sarfati’s visuals, followed by the contempory / neo-classic sound of CEEYS. Then Subheim takes over, introducing us to darker territory – a vast void of slow, broken beats and haunting melodies. The night is then climaxing with Killawatt who will teach us a lesson in aural anger management by confronting us with brutal harsh technoid tunes.

Fri 14.09.2018   Berlin
Kantine am Berghain
Sad but true: This event was created by Tobias Lichtmann.
Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol. 2
Early-Bird for Killawatt / Subheim / CEEYS / Aseret
14.50 €
Admission: 19:00 –  Starts at: 20:30 –  How to get there