CEEYS – WÆNDE (Zanzibar)


Zanzibar is an island just off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. In the 1960s, its leaders took a socialist turn and shifted its political focus towards the USSR and China. The GDR then became Zanzibar’s most important cooperation partner. From the very beginning, the construction of modern flats was among the priorities of the Revolutionary Council. That is why you can still find panelhouses next to palm trees in that exotic region. We used a time shifting delay and an accessible but contemplating harmonic progression alternating between cello and piano. As the last piece of the album, we are also looking forward to our upcoming summer holidays at the Baltic Sea and the former GDR’s most beautiful island – Hiddensee. Can’t wait!
previously unreleased

CEEYS – WÆNDE (Zanzibar) from CEEYS on Vimeo.