CEEYS “Leaving Wallbook” [HIDDENSEE] on air at KEXP

Delighted listening our track “Leaving Wallbook” on air at KEXP from our upcoming album HIDDENSEE june 14th
x so much to Alex Ruder and KEXP

KEXP_CEEYS_Sebastian Selke_Daniel Selke

Full Playlist Pacific Notions:

Playlist: Pacific Notions ~ May 26th 2019
6:03 Christopher Willits – Pacific 1 [Sunset, Ghostly International]
6:07 Tess Said So – My Sisters and I [Piaf’s Boyfriend, Preserved Sound]
6:11 Codes In The Clouds – Overnight [Overnight, Mellotron]
—-air break—-
6:20 Oscar Lang – Hello, My Friend the 5am Sun [To Whom It May Concern, Dirty Hit]
6:22 Jim Wylde / sp3ct3rs – Kest (feat. Beth Roberts) [All That You Wanted, Rusted Tone]
6:28 Lárus Sigurðsson – Natura Naturans [Jarðhörpusálmar II / Earth Harp Psalms II, self-released]
6:31 CEEYS – Leaving Wallbook [Hiddensee, Neue Meister]
6:36 Wilson Trouvé – I [Malam, Hush Hush]
6:39 Lucinda Chua – Whatever It Takes [Antidotes I, self-released]
—-air break—-
6:47 Nathan Micay – Romance Dawn For The New World [Blue Spring, LuckyMe]
6:51 M. Grig – Mount Carmel [Mount Carmel, 12k]
7:00 Rhye – Awake [Spirit, Loma Vista]
7:03 ROM DOS – The Body Softens [Nuage, Fenwood Rail]
7:09 Tom Adams – Particle VIII (The Light Before the Rain) [Particles, Moderna]
—-air break—-
7:17 Daigo Hanada – Under The Starry Sky [Ouka, Moderna]
7:19 Ed Carlsen – Close [The Journey Tapes, Moderna]
7:24 James Maloney – Angel Wings [Gaslight, Moderna]
7:29 Snorri Hallgrímsson – Still Life [Orbit, Moderna]
7:32 Richard Luke – Last Call [Glass Island, Moderna]
—-air break—-
7:40 Soda Lite – Lyra’s Horizon [Vale & Stone, Inner Islands]
7:45 Killing Time – Kokorowa [Irene, Epic/Sony]
7:51 Synkro – Hearts [Images, Apollo]
7:54 Johnny Hostile – Work [(dys)function, Pop Noire]
8:00 Yu Su – Words Without Sound [Roll With The Punches, Music From Memory]
—-air break—-
8:11 G.S. Schray – Several Wrong Places [First Appearance, Last Resort]
8:17 Christian Kleine – Disappearing Objects [Real Ghosts, City Centre Offices]
8:22 Matthew Prokop – In A Clearing [For Tired Souls, Past Inside The Present]
8:27 Greater Alexander – Dark Sky Dunes [V/A: Pure Sounds Of Michigan, Assemble Sound/Pure Michigan]
8:31 Michiru Aoyama – Sport [Secret Hometown, Bullflat3.8]
—-air break—-
8:39 Federico Albanese – The Twelve Theme Pt. 2 [The Twelve, Neue Meister]
8:43 Balmorhea – Lament [Rivers Arms, Western Vinyl]
8:47 Teams – Saving… Please Don’t Turn Power Off [Everything Was Beautiful, brrwd]
8:49 ann annie – samara [wander into, self-released]
—-air break—-
8:54 Chris Weeks – Life Begins [Life Begins, self-released]