Amanda Bloom (AU), Christopher Sky (US), Chantal Acda (NL), Resina (PL), Anne Müller (DE), Lau Nau (FI), Rauelsson (ES), Constant Presence / Peter Broderick, Daniel O’ Sullivan (US), Tobias Lichtmann (DE), Marie Awadis (AR), Sleepland / Kengo Yonemura (JP), Ell Kendall (UK), Vaghy (HU), Mara Simpson (UK), Simeon Walker (UK), Diane Barbé (FR), Chizu Kimura (JP), Hoshiko Yamane (JP), Khyaam Haque (US),

Our Experimental Music Future


Elizabeth Alker with music that defies classification. In this episode Elizabeth looks into her experimental music crystal ball and picks out some of the best festivals, record releases and special shows coming up in 2020. She heads to a park underneath the M4 for the Junction 2 Festival with music by Four Tet; an old brewery in Potsdam, Germany plays host to a weekend of ambient music and a special performance by Polish cellist, singer and composer Resina; and a celebration of Dada and alternative music and art, with resident artist Hayden Thorpe, takes place in the Lake District for the first time. Over in the USA, we preview the Big Ears festival with the spectral electroacoustic sounds of Astrid Sonne and analogue synth artist Caterina Barbieri.


X so much to Simeon Walker made that possible.
You can see him live on stage at this year’s Q3Ambientfest



Four Tet

Teenage Birdsong





Nicolas Stocker

Bells for Pony, Prelude


Areni Agbabian

Anganim Arachi Ko


Valgeir Sigurðsson

Not An Accident


Gyda Valtysdottir



Hayden Thorpe

Full Beam (Raven remix)


Jacob Kirkegaard



Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

Return to 8 (Frances Shelley rework)


Caterina Barbieri

How To Decode An Illusion


Astrid Sonne

Strong Calm Slow


Rafiq Bhatia & Ornette Coleman

Lonely Woman

Elizabeth also has music from a brand new soundtrack by one of the giants of the Icelandic music scene, Valgeir Sigurðsson, and an exclusive play of a track from the new record by Rafiq Bhatia who will perform at Unclassified Live in April.

radiotomares@g… Miércoles, 15/01/2020 – 12:16

Nueva edición de Cíclope 3.0, programa presentado por Enrique López y que lo puedes escuchar todos los martes a las 23:00 y en reposición los viernes a las 17:00. En Cíclope 3.0 puedes escuchar una selección musical que abarca desde estilos clásicos, electrónicos, pasando por el pop, el rock y música vanguardista.

listen (from 49:30) 2 tracks

Esta semana el Cíclope seleccionó la música de City of Glass, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Contre Jour, Cheval Sombre, Benoît Pioulard y Ceeys.


I had the pleasure to prepare this mix for NTS Radio resident Kit Records, thank you Richard for the invitation!

feat. CEEYS, Joan Jeanrenaud, Hauschka, Maarja Nuut & Ruum, Padma Newsome, Oiseaux-Tempête, Matthias Puech, Giovanni Sollima and more…


“Hi Richard, Kit followers and NTS auditors.

I had the pleasure to prepare this mix for you, thanks to the nice proposition of Richard!

For this mix, I choose a balance between some of my works (with Snowdrops or with the hang drum player Torsten Böttcher..), collaborations (with Tindersticks, Oiseaux-Tempête or This Immortal Coil), classical inspirations (for example this fantastic piece by Karen Tanaka played by Joan Jeanrenaud – that I had the pleasure to both meet in Paris, and sometimes the honor to play this piece ‘live’ for Ondes Martenot) and recent heartbeats like these tiny bouncing notes by the CEEYS brothers.

Hope you’ll enjoy the mix. Have a nice listening!


CEEYS – Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke “Hiddensee” 2019
CEEYS – Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke “Q3A” 2019
CEEYS – Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke “Wænde” 2018
CEEYS – Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke “Concrete Fields” 2017
CEEYS – Sebastian Selke, Daniel Selke “The Grunewald Church Session” 2016

CEEYS – Year Change 19-20 Mix by Sebastian Selke

Peter Broderick, Anna von Hauswolff, Midori Hirano, Lambert, CEEYS and more.

This is Year Change 19-20 Mix by Sebastian Selke. He has compiled this first part of a double bill mix with his brother Daniel which will be continued with an upcoming Year Change 20-21 Mix by Daniel Selke at the end of 2020. A swapping dualism between Alpha and Omega, beginning and end:
„While the world is going crazy we mixed bright and intense pieces by some of the most inspiring contemporary composers, uploaded in the beginning of 2020.“ – Sebastian Selke

Compiled by Sebastian Selke at Klingenthal Studio Potsdam.


1 Aidan Baker – The Sea Swells A Bit 2006 (Full Album)

2 Takeshi Nishimoto – Straßenlaterne

3 Kinbrae – Isolated Sketch

4 Anna von Hausswolff – The Miraculous

5 Jakob Lindhagen – Tema

6 Julien Marchall – INSIGHT XVIII

7 Lambert – The edge off

8 Lorenzo Masotto – Hermitage

9 Matt Stewart-Evans – Horizon

10 midori hirano – Night Traveling

11 Vargkvint – Utåt

12 Julia Kent – Heavy Eyes

13 Martyn Heyne – Sparks

14 Marina Baranova – La poule

15 Jade Berg – Tolt

16 Library Tapes – Silhouettes

17 Sarah Neufeld – Where The Light Comes In

18 CEEYS – Wanda

19 Peter Broderick – Eyes Closed And Traveling

20 Rauelsson – Hourglass I

so delighted for sharing 🙂

next year Q3Ambientfest will celebrate the 4th edition
ticketing starts on Jan 2nd 2020

we never followed the idea of “big stages for known acts” or even small for so called “new comers”.
lots of musicians started developing as an artist at Q3Ambientfest.

we never made a rule how many female acts should be there but in fact there are 50% of all performing artists.

we love the approach without building borders.
we feel sorry about the nearly 400 recommended acts on our folders, but we promise someday you will be part of an edition to show your musical approach 🙂

since the beginning in 2017 the curators and organizers are two brothers, you know
Sebastian & Daniel Selke
but year by year our team sees lots of more music lovers in the different parts organizing this boutique fest.

take care to all of you. be friendly to your neighbours.
let us follow the idea growing an international family without borders in your mind and heart.

much love to all of you and an inspiring 2020
– funny year for 2 brothers.

line-up since 2017:
Midori Hirano (JP), Martyn Heyne (DE), John Metcalfe (US), Stefano Guzzetti (IT), Anne Müller (DE), Sophie Hutchings Music (AU) Ed Carlsen (IT), Illuminine (BE), Marina Baranova (UA), Takeshi Nishimoto (JP), Carlos Cipa (DE), Kinbrae (UK), Shinya Sugimoto (JP), Jeremy Young (US), Christoph Berg (DE), Andrea Belfi(IT), Lisa Morgenstern (DE), Enzo Caterino (IT), Paddy Mulcahy (IR), marco caricola (IT), Kelly Wyse (US), hania rani (PL), Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint (SE), Masayoshi Fujita (JP), Diane Barbee (FR), Oriel Quartett (UK), Clemens Christian Poetzsch (DE), AVA (UK), LAVALU (NE), Simon Goff (UK), Aidan Baker (CA), F.S. Blumm (DE), Marc Marcovic (DE), SOMA (RU), Snowdrops (FRA), Poppy Ackroyd (UK), Chikiss (BR), Pianofield (UK), Sergio Díaz De Rojas (PE), Simeon Walker (UK), Tobias Lichtmann (DE), Dirk Markham (DE), Oliver Hölcke (DE)